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People facing barriers to education and employment3
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¹ Of those who chose to identify themselves
² Includes those who identified as Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC), Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) and Indigenous peoples (4.7%)
3 Includes those who identified as low-income persons and persons who are underemployed/unemployed or experiencing barriers to employment
4 Includes those who identified as persons with mental health challenges and persons with mental illness

Since its inception in 2020, YOUNGA Youth Delegates have represented 170+ nations and territories.

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Global Youth Inputs

One challenge or opportunity gap I face as a young person today is…

Being underestimated

Not having access to quality education

Limited access to opportunities due to geographical location

Lack of learning opportunities such as internships/ experience/requirements for jobs

Lack of the right networks or connections

Access to stable power and internet services

A peaceful environment to adequately realize full potential

Lack of financial education, mental health and soft skills in learning organizations

Job scarcity


I think industry stakeholders can start 'BridgingTheGap' to make the world more inclusive and sustainable by...

Implementing policies to favour the people and not personal gains

Creating policies to uplift social economic status of the people

Promoting civic engagement, diversity and Inclusion in the public space

Amplifying the voices of young people in decision-making processes

Ensuring equitable distribution of resources so as to benefit people in remote areas

Developing and empowering more young people.

Including everybody during decision-making

Ensuring that people earn an appreciable living wage to help them afford a decent standard of living

Involving more minority groups so they gain an opportunity to do better for themselves and others

Creating project plans and implementing good policies as well as involving youth in achieving goals

I believe events like Younga are important because...

They’re diverse and multicultural

They provide a forum for discussion, goal setting and actionable steps forward

They equip young people with the tools, resources and networks to build sustainable solutions around the SDGs and Entrepreneurship

They empower youth to be better citizens

They help in preparing youth for the future

Because it provides equal opportunity for youth

It will help develop leadership skills and grow networks

It helps share ideas to make our world better while bringing together vibrant youth with one agenda and course

It brings like-minded youth with a common passion together, to learn from each other and create partnerships to help provide solutions to problems in their societies

They allow youth to connect on topical issues in a manner which would otherwise not be possible

Be part of the largest global festival for impact