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Organized by BridgingTheGap Ventures, Younga® is the largest global festival for impact. Using mixed reality, Younga unites young people with decision-makers to co-create solutions for a more inclusive, sustainable world during the United Nations Decade of Action from 2020 to 2030. Through interactive and intergenerational experiences, Youngaequips young people with skill-building opportunities, action-oriented programming and curated connections. As a global participatory platform, it Younga empowers youth to share their hopes, concerns and ideas for the future with the world’s top industry leaders, celebrity influencers, brands and organizations. Submit a media request to coordinate a media interview, access to speaker quotes and/or arrange private VR media tour, early access to 2022 programming and/or media passes for the Younga finale event or media lounge.

See our highlights from Younga 2020 and 2021

View our collection of clips from our inaugural forum in 2020 and our 2021 Younga Forum featuring some of our speakers, influencers, Youth Delegates as well as a peek into the immersive VR/XR experience offered by our programming

Top issues our 2022 Youth Delegates care about

Learn about the key issues and recommendations from youth across 130+ countries for decision-makers to address.

Watch our Younga 2020
XR After Party Recap

Step ontoYounga’s spaceship in AltspaceVR, the setting of our immersive XR 2020 After Party featuring a performance from Grammy award-winning rapper, songwriter and record producer, Pitbull.

What Younga 2022 Youth Delegates Have To Say

VR After Party Highlights

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Request a VR press tour to see the magic of our mixed-reality experience with Pitbull from our finale first-hand.

The Younga 2022 Youth Delegation¹ were…

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Underserved groups
Global South
People of Colour2
Climate Action And Sustainable Living Sticker Version 1
0 +
Representing countries
People facing barriers to education and employment3
Persons with mental health challenges or illness4
¹ Of those who chose to identify themselves
² Includes those who identified as Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC), Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) and Indigenous peoples (4.7%)
3 Includes those who identified as low-income persons and persons who are underemployed/unemployed or experiencing barriers to employment
4 Includes those who identified as persons with mental health challenges and persons with mental illness

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