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Our global network of partners are committed to advancing youth opportunities and social impact worldwide. Sign up to access partner opportunities including sending a Youth Delegation, speaker nominations and mastermind session applications for Younga 2024.
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Join 290+ industry partners, reaching
young leaders across 243 nations and territories

How to Get Involved

Host an Innovation Mastermind

Host a live session as part of the Younga
More details about our Thematic Tracks below.
Examples of past sessions and their descriptions can be found on our Past Programming Highlights page.

Send a Youth Delegation

Provide an enriching opportunity for youth from your network to virtually attend Younga anywhere. As a Younga partner you can receive a select number of reserved delegate spots to assign to youth from your community. Once you have your Youth Delegation ready to go, send them to our Youth Delegate Program page (link below) to complete the application. Please instruct your delegates to indicate your organization name when prompted as they fill out the form.
Registrations have closed.
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Join 290+ industry partners, reaching
young leaders across 243 nations and territories

Thematic Tracks

Oceans, environment, zero waste, climate change, sustainability, wildlife, agriculture, etc.

LGBTQ+, gender, inequalities, accessibility, ability, diversity, etc.

Education, employment, skills, decent work, entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, STEM, impact investing, etc.

Mental health, physical health, mindfulness, healthcare, WASH, sexual health, self-care, pandemics, etc.

Peace, social justice, human rights, democracy, war and conflict, activism, poverty, corruption, legal system, etc.

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