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The Purpose Journal™

Changemaker Edition

Your 90-day pathway toward greater fulfillment and success
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Your YOUNGA experience has you brimming with ideas, insights and inspiration. It’s time to turn your ideas into action and spark real change.

The 90-Day Purpose Journal is designed exclusively for changemakers like you to accelerate your goals.

It is a simple and reliable tool to help you implement ideas while managing your time, tracking progress, scaling your impact and ultimately embark on your journey of purposeful living.

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What Can You Expect In 90 Days?


Better Goal and Time Management

We understand that big goals and ambitions – such as the ones you have – require time and focus. This journal will give you the resources to overcome obstacles and distractions that can often push us off track.

With this journal, you will also learn how to overcome the feeling of overwhelm by breaking their bold goals down into manageable daily steps across a 90 day journey.
Deeper Relationships

Deeper Relationships

As a changemaker, you are constantly working on making a difference in the world. However, this can leave little time for nurturing deep relationships. This support system of friends, mentors, teammates, and project partners who believe in you can significantly drive up your confidence.

This journal will help you map out, improve and grow your connections by giving you soft nudges to broaden your network and cherish those valuable friendships and connections.

Strengthened Resilience and Greater Life Satisfaction

In your journey of leading change, we understand you may run out of motivation or confidence in your abilities. These tough days can cause a dent in our passion. But the journal will stay with you as a trusted companion on such days and help you build resilience.

By tracking daily progress and encouraging you to celebrate small wins, it will keep your spirits high and remind you of the “why” behind your journey by connecting the dots back to your passion and purpose.

This 90-Day Journal is for you if

  • You feel lost or stuck on your journey of creating magnanimous, positive change in the world 
  • You wish you had a stronger support system that believes in your mission and cheers you on as a changemaker
  • You want to feel more self-confident to take the steps that will help you scale your impact in the world 
  • You want to feel more courageous stepping out of your comfort zone to build a meaningful network 
  • You want to stay focused on your changemaking journey while staying true to your purpose

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Science shows that positive change accelerates and spreads when we cheer each other on and work as a supportive community.

If you feel that this Purpose Journal can make a difference in the life of another changemaker or help a friend, family member, co-worker, mentee or peer create positive changes in their life, we want you to share this 90-Day Journey with them!

Purpose Journal™

Special Edition

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  • Special edition spiral-bound journal
  • Select from two cover designs
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Purpose Journal™

Special Edition

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Release date: 12/12/2023
Purpose Journal Sept 2023 23comp

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